A global leader in the production of ultra-high-purity inorganic chemicals for manufacturing, analytics, and research and development that demand only the highest purity.

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A global leader in the production of ultra high purity inorganic chemicals, MV Laboratories provides our customers with materials and services second to none.

We remove trace impurities down to the sub-ppm range and employ the best quality control standards in the industry to guarantee the purity of our wide range of chemicals.

At MV Laboratories we are focused on producing the products that make a difference to you, our customers. We are very proud of this tradition and our position in the market. We have always been and will continue to be focused on purity.

We will continue to refine our purification processes to focus on what we are very good at producing and we will provide the best Certificates of Analysis available in the market. You can buy products from MVL with total confidence that the purity stated on the website will be exactly what you receive when you place your orders with us.

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David Amorose 


Han te Vaanhold (Europe)

MV Laboratories has provided custom synthesis service since 1985 to customers worldwide.

MV Laboratories is committed to providing customers with the most comprehensive Certificates of Analysis to ensure that there are limited metal impurities that can affect their end products.
MV Laboratories Inc. is a valued global partner of technology driven customers requiring ultra high purity inorganic products. We support markets ranging from crystal manufacture and alternative energy to electronics and LED lighting, and are committed to giving our customers the best, most reliable products to meet their needs.

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